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Buy and Sell Bags in Singapore on Improved bagsXchange.com

Second Hand Bags in Singapore 08/01/2012



We have made some improvements to bagsXchange.com. Have you noticed them?

Mobile Friendly

1. bagsXchange.com is mobile friendly now. There is an option at the below of the mobile page to switch between mobile or desktop view when you are surfing from a mobile device. Go ahead and try it out.

Improved Featured Listings Carousel

2. The improved Featured Listings Carousel can display more ads and we like the scrolling function. If you don’t know, you can actually click on the “scrolling circle” and drag back and forth across the Carousel.

Grid Layout

3.  bagsXchange.com is able to display the bags advertisements in a Grid layout now. We think that this will make it easier for the users as they can view more bags at one go. However, we also retain the old layout for those who prefer it. You can just click on the first icon at the top right corner just above the first ad to switch between the layouts. Refer to the below screenshot please.


We do welcome all comments or suggestions.

Have a good one!

Best Regards,


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Buy Sell Second hand Used bags

Bags for Sale Singapore 26/10/2011


Quite a lot of people find it uncomfortable to buy or sell second hand used bags.

One of the reasons is that they have to meet up the buyer or seller to transact.
They might be thinking “What if, I saw someone I know??”
“And people might gossip that I buy second hand bags blah,blah,blah…..”

Unless that ‘someone’ is super rich to let hundreds and thousands of dollars worth of bags collecting dust and depreciating in their wardrobes, well let them blah, because in the end you get to carry your desired designer bags for less.
Rather then forking out more money to buy your designer bags, why don’t you sell your unused bags to fund for your desired bags?

My husband told me once, “Do you know that once a brand new bag leave the boutique store, it’s value drops. And the bag becomes a liability.”
(I disagree for Hermes, Chanel and Louis Vuitton(not for all). I have no comments for the others.)
It is one of those husband talks…..

But after hearing that, I dug out ALL my bags and wallets regardless designer or non-designer, brand new or used bags and to my surprise,  I found out that I have forgotten about half of my collection. They are just there, unused.

So imagine that you have five pieces of $1000 designer bags sitting in your wardrobes untouched for years , it will
eventually it become ‘pathetic value with good condition’.

But some people might think: “If I sell it away, I will lose money.”
OK.  Since the bags are already losing their values, then keep them as souvenirs by all means.(sorry for being crude)

How sad is that!!!

So, I sold my ‘Don’t remember’ collection to fund my desire for a $2k Balenciaga City bag without going to ATM machine ^_^
Yes, I lost some money on my ‘Don’t remember’ collection that I no longer need but I didn’t fork out that extra cash for my most desired bag.

So which is better? Souvenir bags or desired bags?

One advice.
‘Learn to let go or become zero.’

Visit bagsXchange.com now 🙂

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No fake bags allowed here!

Second Hand Bags in Singapore, Used Bags Singapore 12/10/2011



BagsXchange.com is a website for bags buyers and sellers to meet.

To all sellers:

Only authentic bags are allowed to be listed on bagsXchange.com.
– Any counterfeit items posted on bagsXchange.com will be removed and sellers banned.
– If you are unsure of the items authenticity, please have it authenticated before listing them on BagsXchange.com.

To all buyers:

BagsXchange.com is not liable for all items authenticity.
– Please have the items authenticated before closing the deal with sellers.

Happy shopping @ BagsXchange.com.


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Tips on selling and buying new bags or used bags

Second Hand Bags in Singapore, Used Bags Singapore 12/10/2011


Good day dear bag lovers ^_^

Today I would like to share some info about selling and buying new bags, used or second hand bags on BagsXchange.com.

BagsXchange.com is not only for you to buy and see your bags.
You might able to find that exclusive designer bag you have been looking for a long time.

A bag that is sitting in your wardrobe might be a treasure to another one!

Give your bag a new life by selling it to one who will love it!


I loath counterfeit items especially when I have to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on it.
Of course, buying from the stores are the safest but I also hope to get a better deal. Therefore, used or second hand bags market is a place to look at.

But the major risks of buying bags from used market is the authencity of the bags.
Whenever I have doubts on the bags, I always visit this forum for advice.


You are able to find most of the major branded name bags @ purseblog.
This is one of the must visit websites for bags.
You can get your bags authenciated @ purseblog for free. And you are able to find quite a numbers of bags experts @ purseblog.

“There are no ugly women, only lazy women.”
Same for bags.

In order to buy a good deal bag, I always do my ‘homework’.
And I’ve managed to save hundreds of dollars.

Hope these information is useful to you.


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men’s bags online

Second Hand Bags in Singapore 02/10/2011


A ‘Gentlemen’ categories has been created.

Gentlemen, don’t you have unused bags, accessories and shoes.
Don’t dispose it so soon.
Try your luck here. Who know, unused things to you might not be so for the others.
Not only the ladies get to enjoy having that extra cash.
Post it Now.

Ladies, you can help too.

More categories will be added soon.
Ideas are welcome.

Thank you.


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Where to buy and sell used designer bags in Singapore?

How To Sell Bags in Singapore, Used Bags Singapore, Where to buy bags Singapore 01/10/2011


It all started from…..

I like bags, especially Balenciaga bags.

I am a housewife without earning income so whenever I want to buy bags, I have to get it through my husband.
And it’s starting to get annoying for me because I have to listen to his blah-blah-blah speech.
So in order to buy my beloved Balenciaga bags, my husband told me to sell my other unused bags to finance it.
That left me no choice and I started to search for places to sell my bag collection.

How to sell bags in Singapore?

Where to buy and sell second hand bags in Singapore?

I have thought of selling it to my friends and relatives but I’m not a thick skin person.

Went to consignment shops but the prices they quoted make me wants to cry on the spot.

Tried Ebay, and we have  fees everywhere.

I even thought of renting out the bags too.

I happened to find a forum website for selling and buying second hand bags online in Singapore.
I was doing quite well and manage to sell off  my Coach, Kate Spade, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada bags etc.
But forum sales always give me headache because it’s too messy and there are too many things to read.
But what to do, if my bags can sell, I have to endure it.

Some friends complained to me they have too many bags.
Bags that sit in the wardrobes and taking up spaces.
Bags that they are not using it anymore but don’t know what to do.
Even brand new bags with tag that they regretted buying but cannot be returned or exchange.

BagsXchange.com will be a great start for everyone. It’s easy to post your ads and to view the ads.
You can have the extra cash from those unused bags and accessories.

And remember, its FREE to list your bags for sale online here in Singapore!

It will be a great place to start if you are asking where to buy bags online in singapore!

It is time to post, sell and buy.

Good luck.


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Buy and Sell Second Hand Bags or Used Bags in Singapore

Second Hand Bags in Singapore, Used Bags Singapore, Where to buy bags online Singapore 28/09/2011


Buy and Sell bags online in Singapore on bagsXchange.com, the newest place for bag lovers in Singapore.

We aim to make it the best portal for you to post FREE new, second-hand bags or used bags ads here.

Check us out!

Give your unused designer bags a new life!

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